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Clean Makeup that performs.

by Carson Collaborator |


In Part I of why we love Vapour Beauty we talked about ingredient consciousness.  In Part II we discuss a few other values, including performance - an often overlooked and undervalued feature of green beauty products.  Many brand tout themselves to be "clean" and "green" with wonderful plant-based ingredients, and although we love seeing a non-toxic ingredient list, its not really worth it if the product doesn't actually do what it says it will do.  This is one of main reasons we partnered with Vapour Beauty - their products actually work!


Challenging convention is never easy, but the results are transformational. Vapour’s clean color formulas offer sublime, luxurious alternatives to conventional makeup. Gone are the concessions over texture, comfort, long wear and color payoff. They embrace formulation performance while honoring deep commitments to ingredient purity, transparency, health and sustainability.

• Silky, lightweight textures (see Lip nectars)

• Versatile color + finishes (see the High Voltage Lipstick)

• Inclusive complexion range (browse the Velvet Glow Foundation)

• Plant-based actives (see the primer)

• High in Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids + Vitamins

• Awards from Allure, Elle, Byrdie + more 

We embrace formulation performance while honoring deep commitments to ingredient purity, transparency, health and sustainability


We are animal lovers. We are Cruelty-Free.

Vapour does not test raw ingredients, products in development or final products on animals.

We take this commitment further than many others by choosing not to sell our products in countries that require animal testing.


Vapour is dedicated to giving back and supporting charitable causes that are close to our hearts. We believe everyone deserves safe cosmetics that delight the senses, support health, and reduce exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

Both Vapour founders have been deeply touched by cancer:  Krysia is a two-time cancer survivor and Kristine’s mother was also a two-time survivor.  In 2019, we are sharing our belief in the healing power of natural beauty by gifting our color cosmetics to cancer patients undergoing treatment.  Our wish is that these wellness supporting partnerships bring a little light, joy and dignity.

Explore the full line of Vapour Beauty.