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Dairy Free Hot Cacao Elixir with Collagen

by Priya Ferrie |

If you've ever looked at the ingredients in a box of conventional hot chocolate at the grocery store, you'd be just as horrified as me.  From artificial flavours to preservatives to added refined sugar and allergens such as soy and corn, pre-made hot chocolate is simply not a health food! 

So I've created a healthy version that's loaded with real raw Cacao, contains no preservatives, and is sweetened with only honey.  Raw Cacao is rich in Magnesium, a mineral that relaxes your muscles and helps you feel calm.  Best of all the recipe is dairy-free, making it ideal for those with a dairy sensitivity. 

This elixir is the perfect substitute for coffee.  It fulfills the longing for something warm and comforting in the morning and the natural caffeine in cocoa gives you a little lift. 


2 tbsp. unprocessed cacao

2 scoops collagen

1 small wafer unprocessed cacao butter

1 pinch dried Ginger powder

1 tsp. Bee Powered Honey

1 tsp. cacao nibs (optional)

Add the cacao and ginger powder to a mug.  Break up a small wafer of the cocao butter and add it to the mug.  Pour hot water into the mug.  Stir to dissolve the cacao butter.  Add the collagen, honey and top off with cacao nibs.  If you find the elixir too dark for your liking, add some warm almond or coconut milk.  To reduce the sugar content you can substitute honey with stevia or xylitol.

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