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by Parul Ferrie |

We're so thrilled to be stocking Fitglow Beauty in Canada.  We fell in love with Fitglow Beauty’s mission - to create products that work synergistically with the skin.

Fitglow has a science-first approach to formulation and ingredient selection.  The products are created with three questions in mind:

(1) Will the skin recognize the ingredient?

(2) Can skin absorb the nutrients ?

(3) Can skin maximize the potential of its key actives?

Just like supplements, for a skincare ingredient to be effective, they have to be proven to work well on the skin, and at the right dose.  Skincare produced in a lab falls short because what works in a lab, does not replicate onto the skin. 

Fitglow Beauty skincare and skin-nourishing, targeted treatment makeup is formulated to work in harmony with your skin made from ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients that are free of heavy oils, silicones and waxes. Their skin-transforming products are made with the health of your skin in mind, particularly skin that faces challenges such as dehydration, redness, sun damage and showing signs of premature aging. The transformation happens when your skin recognizes an ingredient it can effectively use to elevate your skin to a well rested, plump, healthy and irritation-free complexion.

Fitglow skincare products nourish the skin with compatible ingredients in impactful doses to restore youthful skin function and help it thrive. Not only that, the makeup products they create extend as skincare as they are made with targeted corrective ingredients.

More than clean ingredients, Fitglow formulas are proven to be effective through extensive scientific research. Fitglow Beauty products harness the best natural ingredients to provide all the nutrition skin needs to achieve optimal health and fitness.

Plus they are Cruelty-free, silicone-free, plant-based and effective natural ingredients. Certified clean by the Think Dirty app.  Does your skincare do that?

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