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How to use Living Libations Best Skin Ever

by Priya Ferrie |

Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever is brimming with nourishing bioactive botanical compounds and is great for all skin types. Fast absorbing, infusing tired skin with botanical actives. Jojoba oil and coconut oil moisturizes while Lavender balances the skin. Added to this blend are Tamanu oil, Vetiver to balance sebum production, Grapefruit to tighten and tone and Palmarosa essential oil. 

Living Libations created a set of instruction on how to use the Best Skin Ever formulas and we wanted to share it with you in full detail so that you get the best of this product.

For washing the face:

  1. Wet a small portion of a face cloth with water. Squeeze it out.
  2. Apply one to two squirts of Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn or Best Skin Ever Rose to the dampened portion of the face cloth
  3. Gently massage the face, neck and back of the neck with the moistened cloth. Wash gently or vigorously, depending on if you would like an exfoliating effect.
  4. Rinsing face is optional. Rinse cloth.
  5. Moisturize with any of these options:
  6. Add another squirt or two of Best Skin Ever Sea Buckthorn or Rose to your fingertips and massage into the face to moisturize.
  7. Apply one to two squirts of Rose Glow Serum or:
  8. Add a squirt or two of Rose Glow Serum to a dab of Rose Glow Creme on your fingertips and massage your face and neck.. It's wonderful to     add a drop or two of any of the Serums to a dab of any of the creams. They all blend beautifully together. For example, Soothsayer Serum with All Seeing Eye Cream or Rose Glow Cream.
  9. Enjoy the Radiance!