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by Parul Ferrie |

Adult acne sufferers often come to us after having tried several natural or conventional products.  They are often frustrated with the results and often their skin is too dry from using soap based cleansers and/or harsh acne treatments.  Acne-prone skin requires the right skincare, but it also requires you to evaluate your diet and stress management routine.

So we've created a routine for acne-prone skin using natural products with proven natural ingredients that actually work!


It goes without saying that you need to cleanse the skin twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed.  Unlike soap based cleansers, we like gentle gel or oil cleansers for acne-prone skin.  For oily skin, we recommend the Etymologie Active Clay Cleanser.  This cleanser exfoliates with fruit enzymes and willow bark extract, and cleanses with gentle, non-foaming coconut oil based soaps that don’t dry out or irritate the skin.  For normal-dry skin types, we recommend cleansing with Living Libations Best Skin Ever.


Most people skip the toner, but this is a very important step for acne-prone skin types.  For the sake of efficiency we recommend mixing your toner with your treatment serum in the palm of your hand and applying the mix to a damp face.  Our favourite toner for acneic skin is Graydon's Mineral Mist, also known as Face food.  With anti-bacterial zinc and silver, this toner helps reduce redness and builds collagen.  PRO-TIP:  use it as a setting spray!


A treatment serum is different than a regular serum in that it is meant to treat or target a particular skin issue.  For acneic skin types, we recommend either Etymologie Probiotic Vitamin C Serum, or the Bakuchiol Serum.  The Probiotic Vitamin C serum is for you if you have old scars and spots.   The fat soluble vitamin C in this serum will help to lighten scars and dark spots.  The probiotics will enhance your skin's microbiome and eliminate any harmful bacteria lingering on the skin. The Etymologie Bakuchiol serum gently exfoliates the skin within the pores, targeting existing breakouts and preventing future ones.  This is for you if you consider your skin to be congested.


If your skin is more normal to dry, you will want to moisture after your treatment serum.  The moisturizer seals all the product into your skin and protects your skin from the elements.  We recommend the Garden City Essentials Restorative moisturizer as it contains the skin calming blue tansy oil.  Blue tansy calms skin irritation and inflammation.  With added Marula oil and Apricot oil, this is the perfect consistency to apply after your treatment serum.


We recommend wearing SPF year round.  One of the benefits of our natural sunscreens is that they are made with Zinc, which is a healing ingredient for the skin.  Zinc will deflect the sun's rays from damaging the skin further and heal any rashes or redness on the skin.

Hope you enjoyed our Skincare Routine for Acne.  Need help with your products?  Book a Skin Focus consult with our founder Priya Ferrie for a customized skin and wellness routine for the skin.