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Winter Skincare For Dehydrated Skin

by Priya Ferrie |

Winter skincare calls for deeper hydration and greater skin protection which means looking for skincare products that are made with plant-based butters and oils, and less water.  We love ingredients like shea butter, pumpkin seed oil, sesame seed oil, rosehip oil and more.  We love layering serums under our moisturizers or on wearing them on their own.  We love thick, rich, balmy moisturizers.  And we love layering our lips with luxurious lip nectars before applying any lipstick.

While spring is near, its still quite cold and grey in Hamilton, Ontario, where we live.  Our daily routine includes a long walk through Gage Park - our local park that holds festivals and houses a gorgeous greenhouse.  The cold wind can make your facial skin raw if left unprotected, and so using skincare that creates a barrier from the elements is essential for our climate.

For creating a barrier, we begin with the Living Libations Soothsayer serum.  The key ingredient in this serum is the sandalwood oil.  Sandalwood contains a key compound that protects the skin from the natural elements.  What's more, it helps with sunspots, scars and prevents premature aging.  We're big fans of the Libations because almost all of their serums are made in a base of jojoba oil, versus the inexpensive and less nutritive sunflower oil found in some other brands.

Next we layer this serum with the Antipodes Night Cream or the Dr. Haushka Rose Light Day cream.  These thick moisturizers are balmy and extremely nourishing for the skin.  If you tend to be oily and don't like the feeling of a moisturizer sitting on your skin, we recommend a lighter moisturizer such as the Woodlot moisturizing cream.

Remember to use protective balms on your lips.  We thought lip balms were the answer before we discovered the Vapour Luxe Lip Nectar.  This luxurious moisturizer for the lips comes in a brilliant wide stick format to ensure coverage on your entire lips.  Scented with natural fruit extracts, this lip nectar leaves your lips feeling super soft and smelling delicious.  But if you don't want to go all out, the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Lip Conditioner is the next best thing!  

And that's it for our day routine, perfect for dog walking, skiing or creating snow angels :) 

If you need help with winter skin, browse our curated Winter Skincare Collection or drop us a line.  Would you like customized advice on your skincare or wellness routine?  Explore our Skin Focus Consult.  This is a half hour consult with our founder to help you get customized recommendations for your skincare and wellbeing.  Included in the consult is a 1/2 hour phone call and 5 free samples of your choice.  Explore it here.