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Women we love | Joanne Hudspith

by Parul Ferrie |

We love women who are making a difference in our community.  This month we sat down for a chat with Joanna Hudspith, Yoga Therapist and Teacher.  Read our interview below.

Q: Tell us about what you do and what you’re working on lately?

I’m a yoga therapist and teacher. I specialize in working with older adults with back, knee and hip pain, helping them to gain more mobility with less pain. I love the look I see in my clients’ eyes when they realize they’re getting stronger and can start to do more things without feeling more pain!

Lately I’ve been trying to adapt to the realities of a post-COVID world and have been learning how to move my business online. I’ve started offering yoga therapy sessions via Zoom, and will be offering live Zoom classes in the fall. 

Q: Tell us a bit more about your practice.

I don’t fix people, but teach them and empower them to use the tools they already have for healing. A huge piece of this is getting better at noticing sensations instead of pushing them away – as we get better at listening to what our bodies are telling us, we can make better choices about what we’re doing. The work can at times be very subtle, and is always interesting because everyone I work with is unique.  

Q: Why did you get into the work you do?

After ten or so years of practicing and teaching more traditional yoga, my body was complaining loudly. I had back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain… Although I was teaching supposedly “healing movement”, I was in bad shape. I was introduced to therapeutic yoga by a colleague, Andrea Soos, and quickly felt the healing and changes in my own body. I started incorporating therapeutic principles in my classes and saw my students benefiting as well. That was the start of the path that led me to learn more about therapeutic movement, and my eventual Yoga Therapist Certification in 2015. 

Q: What is your key to managing stress?

It’s helpful to acknowledge paradox in life – that light and darkness are seemingly opposites, but can’t exist without each other. Even on an awful day there is something to be grateful for, although it’s sometimes hard to see. Knowing that whatever has caused my stress is part of this bigger picture gives it less power in my life. Dancing in my kitchen is also a great way to help move things through my body. 

Q: What's your favourite self care practice?

Putting my feet on the earth and walking in nature helps me maintain perspective and is one of the most restorative things I can do. The RBG’s Arboretum is my favourite place to do this. 

Q: What's your skincare/bodycare/beauty routine lately?

My routine has become much more minimalist over the past few months – I’m loving Woodlot’s cleansing balm, followed by eye cream and moisturizer or mineral sunscreen.  It’s important to me to use products that aren’t toxic to me or the planet, and to choose packaging that can be reused or recycled. 

Q: Do you have any advice for other women in business?

You can’t be everything to everybody, so focus on who you are, not who you aren’t. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t be afraid to take risks and fail – you’ll learn more from your failures than from your successes. (This is my ongoing advice to myself, as well!!)

Below are one word answer based questions:

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Favourite meal: I love food too much to choose just one!!

Favourite scent: Lilacs in bloom

Favourite tv show: What We Do in the Shadows

Favourite pair of shoes: Naot sandals

Favorite outfit: yoga pants and a soft t-shirt

Your mantra lately: “Is this choice moving me towards or away from my goal?”

For more information on Joanne's Services please visit her website or reach her on instagram @joannehudspith

Your facebook handle:  Joanne Hudspith Therapeutics