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Women We Love | Vapour Beauty Co-founder Krysia Boinis

by Parul Ferrie |



Clean Beauty House: We're so happy to learn more about you Krysia!  What’s your morning routine like?

Krysia Boinis:  These days, morning begins well before dawn with hot ginger water and an hour of stretching and meditation. I find it important to start the day by opening up and centering before checking email and Instagram or engaging with the world in any way. Next comes some nourishing food. My current favorite is a liver detoxifying and immune supportive smoothie that features raw garlic and fresh ginger. Then I move my body for an hour with a combination of cardio and strength training.

Clean Beauty House:  What's your favourite self-care practice?

Krysia:  Focus on the good stuff. Years ago, I came to understand the real benefit of positive thinking when I was faced with a life-threatening stage 3 cancer diagnosis. I wanted to apply everything I could to help myself heal. Today, over ten years cancer free, I find that what I give attention to amplifies in my life and shapes my mood, stress level, self-confidence and creativity. When I choose to focus on the positive aspects of whatever life throws my way, it has the effect of bringing me into the moment and helping me be happy now.

Today, over ten years cancer free, I find that what I give attention to amplifies in my life and shapes my mood, stress level, self-confidence and creativity.

vapour beauty founder krysia

Clean Beauty House:  That's amazing.  We're so glad you got through that.  Tell us about what you do and what you’re working on lately?

Krysia:  Living in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico for 20+ years has focused my passions for beauty, consciousness, sustainability and health. On a daily basis, I direct our branding, marketing and content team to create inspirational and informative content on Vapour’s products and values. 

Lately, Vapour Beauty has been highlighting our commitment to health and wellness through sharing stress relieving practices, immune boosting recipes, and positive and inspirational energy.

Clean Beauty House:  Tell us a bit more about your brand.  How is it different from what’s already on the market?

We’re the original truly clean and highly efficacious color brand. Our high-vibe formulas are inspired by the wild beauty of Taos, New Mexico.

At Vapour Beauty, we don’t play games with questionable ingredients like dimethicone, phenoxyethanol and FD&C pigments, like some other “clean” color brands.

Our commitments to inclusivity, transparency and wellness come from the heart and a deep respect for human and planetary health. 

vapour beauty products

Clean Beauty House:  Why did you get into the work you do?

Krysia: Natural beauty is a state of being that radiates from within. It’s worth pursuing because it’s authentic and it can’t be contained. I’m drawn to cultivate it inside and out with mindful choices and practices. Vapour is one way I’m able to share my passion with others and help make the world a better place than I found it.

Clean Beauty House:  What's your skincare/body care/beauty routine lately?

Krysia:  Lately, after exercising in the morning I dry brush for a few minutes before taking a steam sauna. In the steam I apply a honey based moisturizing facial mask and practice deep breath work to hydrate and clear my lungs. I follow with an exfoliating facial scrub and a cool shower to close the pores, induce a higher state of alertness and promote a robust immune response. After drying off, I apply skincare containing vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. When working from home and getting on video calls I apply:  Gentle Illuminating Primer, Velvet Glow Foundation, Bronzing Powder, Mesmerize Mascara and Lip Nectar in Chill.

Clean Beauty House:  Do you have any advice for other women in business?

Do what you love. Create an innovative solution for something that is meaningful to you. Dream bigger than what you can imagine you can achieve. Trust your instincts and follow your passion. Turn mistakes into learning opportunities. Do not be afraid to fail. Surround yourself with excellent people. Ask for feedback. Know the journey is worth it because the world needs what you are building.

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Favourite meal: my partner’s classic Caesar Salad

Favourite scent: Rose

Favourite pair of shoes: bare feet

Favourite outfit: jeans and a silk shirt

Your mantra lately: Be positive and stay present

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Thank you so much to the entire Vapour team that helped coordinate this interview.