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Clean Beauty House was founded by Priya Ferrie, Life & Business Coach & trained Homeopath.
Priya is a cancer survivor and infertility thriver.  After her experience with cancer, she realized that women are exposed to a lot of toxins through our cosmetics and skincare products.  She founded Clean Beauty House to stock her favourite products that are clean, safe and completely non-toxic.  
She currently runs a coaching practice to help women with their mindset in the following areas:

– Confidence. Self esteem. Anxiety.  Imposter Syndrome. 

– Discovering life purpose.  Finding a new career.  Starting or growing a business. 

– Feeling empowered, positive and happier on a daily basis.  Rewiring patterns of negative thinking.

- Improving your relationships, having better communication and boundaries.

– Having a better life+work balance.  Managing stress.  Resolving burn-out. 

– Handling big transitions in life such as a diagnosis, loss, or break up. 

– Finding a soulmate.  Personal development.  Feeling good about yourself inside & out. 

- Coping with an infertility diagnosis.

Priya uses modern mindset tools rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy, neuroscience & neuro linguistic programming to help you hit your goals.

You can visit Priya's website or click here to book a free consultation.

At Clean Beauty House, we believe that your beauty rituals shouldn't leave a negative impact on your health.  Our highly curated, cruelty free products are nourishing, and made with active botanicals, potent vitamins, and powerful nutrients derived from nature.  We believe that clean beauty is non-negotiable, and that what we put on our bodies matters just as much as what we put in our bodies. We only stock products that have been proven to be non-toxic, safe and that actually perform!  We're self-care obsessed & dedicated to your well-being, because we believe that beauty begins within.  Our products are curated based on our five values of:  Clean ingredients, Eco-consciousness, Performance, Community, and Philanthropy.  We call it The Clean Standard.

We are based out of Hamilton, Ontario but we ship worldwide via our online shop.  We are committed to offering you the best service & highly curated clean beauty products you could ask for.

"Honestly, this place is so amazing. They are so knowledgeable, and can always help with any questions I have. They helped with changing my life style around to a healthier one and I've never felt better!" - Haley Mcrae
"Fantastic, hard to find products and a super knowledgeable staff. Overall a great experience!" - Holly Gibson



Research shows that the average woman uses 12 products with 168 chemical ingredients daily.  Its estimated that 12.2 million adults are exposed to carcinogens daily due to their personal care products.  Our skin is porous, it absorbs stuff so we like to use products that are natural and made with clean ingredients.  
The beauty industry is highly unregulated and therefore many of the ingredients these products are made with contain chemicals that are carcinogenic or known endocrine disruptors.  We would love to tell you that if you buy products labelled “green”, “natural” or “clean” that they are guaranteed to be void of toxins, but that is not always the case.  The green beauty industry is growing and sadly many of the so called natural products have suspicious ingredients because brands want to capitalize on trend.
This is why we screen each and every product before we put it on our shelves.  We carry brands that are approved using our clean standard.  Just because a brand markets itself as "green" you won't necessarily see it here because do research that goes beyond marketing tactics.  We're ingredient conscious and ingredient obsessed. 
Our brands have been carefully chosen based not only clean ingredients but also company values, environmental impact and those who pay it forward.
We don't claim to be perfect, but we strive to make the world a better place in our own small way.  You may think that purchasing a lipstick won't change the world, but we beg to differ.  Every single action we participate in, including and especially shopping for beauty products has an impact on our own biology and the health of our planet.