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At Clean Beauty House, we take the holistic approach. 
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Licensed Homeopath & Coach Priya Ferrie blends modern medicine with homeopathy to create a comprehensive treatment plan to allow the skin to begin healing itself.  When we address the underlying causes of acne such as diet, nutrition, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing, the body comes into balance and the journey of skin healing begins.  During the consultation we review a thorough history of your primary concerns, previous medical history, sleep, energy, stress, digestion, and mood.  The consult is conducted online via skype so you can meet with Priya from the comfort of your home.  Please allocate 1.5-2 hours of uninterrupted time.  Feel free to have tea in hand!  A homeopathic remedy and skincare samples recommended for your skin-type are included in the fee. 
The fee is $225+HST. 
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Are you looking for the perfect foundation shade for your skin?  This free service allows our in-house makeup artist will colour match the right product for you.  Send us a photo of yourself with no makeup on, taken in natural lighting and we will get back to you with our recommendation.
In your email to us please include:
1. Your photo taken without makeup in natural light.
2. What kind of coverage you'd like (medium or full).
3. Do you have an skin issues such as dryness, acne etc.?
4. Do prefer a satin, matte or dewy finish?
5. If you need a recommendation for other products such as blush or eyeshadows, include that here also.
Did you know that we offer a sample program?  This means that you can purchase sample sizes of a few of your favourite products including foundations before you invest in a full sized bottle! 
Explore our Sample Program here.
Cost is free.
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Skin Focus is a comprehensive half hour skincare+wellness consultation to help you achieve your health goals.  Lead by our founder, homeopath, coach, & clean beauty expert, Priya Ferrie, Skin Focus was developed to help you select the best clean beauty products for your skin type, make adjustments to your diet or lifestyle to support your well being, and determine the best skincare regimen for your unique needs.

Included in the consultation is a 30 minute phone call with Priya and 5 samples of the products that are the best fit for you.  The samples can be picked up locally in Hamilton or mailed to you for a fee (or for free with an order over $89)


1.  You are overwhelmed with the selection of clean beauty products on the market.

2.  If you would like to get sample sizes of products that are recommended for your skin type before you purchase full sizes. 

3.  You're on a vitamin regimen and you need clarity on the best supplements for you.

4. You're looking for guidance on how to live more naturally and introduce clean products in your life.

5. You are new to natural and would like help in making the transition to clean beauty.

6.  You are specifically looking for Priya's advice on selecting the right products for you.


1. Half hour phone or in-person consult.

2. Five samples of products recommended specifically for you.

3. Expert advice, tools, tricks, and guidance on skincare and your well being.

Cost $25

Please email to book.