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At Clean Beauty House, we stock green beauty brands that are non-toxic because we have standards.  We stock items that have been tried, tested and reviewed by our team.  The Clean Standard stands for:  purity, eco-consciousness, performance, community, and philanthropy. 


Our highly curated products are guaranteed to be free of artificial colours, flavours, and toxic ingredients like parabens, oxybenzones, formaldehydes, petroleum by-products, pthalates and talc.  We only stock safe, eco-friendly brands; most of which we have tried ourselves, and therefore stand behind, proudly.  Everything we stock is guaranteed to be non-toxic.  When you shop with us, you can be rest assured that you are purchasing a product that is safe for both you and your loved ones.  And you can take comfort in knowing that we do not carry anything that has been tested on animals.  Our products are 100% cruelty free.


Big beauty loves fancy packaging.  We love good design too, but we try to stock products that use recyclable packaging or offer refills.  We're not perfect and we do stock some highly requested items that are still in plastic, but we give preference to and recommend products that are packed in renewable or recyclable materials over others. 


We carry brands that have been made with the highest quality ingredients, and have therefore been shown to work!  One of the first thing we hear about naturals is that they don't work.  Clean Beauty has come quite far in ingredient procurement, efficacy and performance.  If you love performance like us, try brands such as Vapour Beauty, Sappho New Paradigm, or Living Libations.


We're big believers in fostering community.  Beauty is an extension of your health and we believe that a community’s health is measured by the health of each of its members, and that by attending to the needs of others we attend to our own.  We regularly host events, workshops and classes to help you learn, grow and build community with the common goal of living non-toxic and putting wellness first.


We run a conscious business - one based on love and values of compassion, generosity and connection.  We routinely donate to the Smile Foundation to repair cleft life palates in children.  We stand behind brands that share our value of philanthropy and charity.