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BioVibes Cell Phone Radiation Protection


More than 85% of people have no physical symptoms, or are unaware that their discomfort is brought, in whole or in part, by electromagnetic radiations.

Doctors have observed that electromagnetic radiations disrupt different parts of our body, such as:

  • Endocrine system1;
  • Immune system2;
  • Cardiovascular system3;
  • Nervous system4;
  • Functioning of the cells of different organs.

This occurs on a small scale and can take many years or even decades to manifest itself as a known disease.

The human body contains metals that are essential to its health (eg iron in blood) and all these metals, no matter how infinitely small they may be, react to electromagnetic radiations.

The more we are exposed to radiations, the more sensitive we become. The body slowly responds to significantly smaller doses.

Some people who have physical manifestations (often called electrosensitive or electro hypersensitive) due to EMFs.

The Biovibes Self-adhesive carbon chip approximately 3 cm in diameter. Recommended for cell phones, iPod Touch and other small devices that use data, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

Provides a complete protection field for a device. Each device must have its own chip.

The chip goes in the back of the device, on the lower part. It sticks directly to the device, or to your case. To do this, remove the pink film before applying the chip.

If you prefer not to apply it directly to your device / case, it can be held in place by a small ball of “fun-tak” type glue, or a soft case (between the mobile and the case). In these cases, do not remove the pink film to avoid exposing the sticker.

Some people may feel an effect using this product. This is due to the reduction of stress that electromagnetic radiations produce on the body, as well as the immune, endocrine, digestive and nervous systems that balance in the presence of BioVibe

BioVibes Cell Phone Radiation Protection

BioVibes Cell Phone Radiation Protection